We provide a global, real-time tracking solution for all freight forwarders. To know the current and accurate location of your shipment, rent the all-in-one-package. From critical shipments to general goods, from your doorstep till its destination, you can trace your shipment - from anywhere, anytime.
Empower your customers.
Secure global visibility for critical shipments.

Feedback from our customers:

"60 % of freight forwarders said: "
It's an important and a vital service. The real-time tracking information adds value to our business."
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Offer more to your customers:
Without any additional investments, build your own global tracking system.
Streamline your process:
Improve your operational process within the organization and reduce the costs for quality monitoring.
Acquire additional information:
Easily collect valuable information about your distribution network.
Get access to real-time information:
Collaborate more efficiently with your business partners and customers by sharing real-time shipment information.
Increase customer satisfaction:
Empower your customers with added services and show them you care.
Features of the Cargo Tracker:

- Tracks shipments across the globe
  (wherever GSM reception is available)
- Operates both indoors and outdoors
- No infrastructure investments required
- Reusable
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Rent it today and trace your shipment - from anywhere, anytime.